Welcome to our website, Renewal of Faith.  On this website you will find numerous articles written by me (Fr. Jeffrey S. Tunnicliff, aka Fr. Jeff).  I am a priest of the Diocese of Rochester in New York State.  I have a passion for helping people to know what our faith teaches and why.  

This website is a big part of how I share the faith.  You will find numerous articles on various aspects of our faith in the menu bar above.  You will also find short videos on some topics.  Lastly, one of my favorite ways to help people grow in their faith is through presentations in-person and via webinar.  You will find video recordings (1 to 1 1/2 hours in length) of in-person presentations I offered from 2013 - 2019.  In 2020, the COVID pandemic pandemic arrived.  With the help of the Holy Spirit and some friends, the presentations did not stop during the pandemic.  My passion for sharing the faith led me to learn how to run webinars.  Now, I offer in-person and webinar presentations.  The video recordings available here since then are of the webinars.  

I also like to read.  I offer write articles based on spiritual and/or theological reading.  You will find those articles on my blog (blog.renewaloffaith.org/blog) along with the texts of my Sunday homilies, and other articles as inspired by the Holy Spirit, happenings in the news, and questions from people like you.

If this is your first time looking at my website, you can approach it in two ways.  You can use the menu bar at the top of the page to look for topics of interest by subject matter.  The other option, if you are looking for the newest material is to go to the "What's New?" page.  That page contains a listing of additions/changes to the website in chronological order with the newest articles at the top.

Be sure and check out our new page "All Things Eucharist".  It contains links to all materials on our website on the Mass and the Eucharist.  

I hope what you find helps lead you to a deeper faith in our Lord.


Fr. Jeff

"A clean heart create for him, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit." Psalm 51:12.

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Welcome to Renewal of Faith.org.  This is not a site designed to convert you.  I started this web page to share my faith journey with others.  I believe this is important to help others find their own faith.  My own journey is not the "typical story" of the past but it is beginning a more common story today.  I was baptized into the Catholic Church as an infant, received First Communion, Penance, and Confirmation.  After Confirmation, I did not attend Church for sixteen years.  There was NEVER a time where I did not believe in God.  Read more.