How We Look at Our Faith

These articles and presentations examine how we look at elements of our faith.

About Renewal of Faith

Find out more about Fr. Jeff and his website.

Be Merciful  

Check out Fr. Jeff's video presentations on mercy and forgiveness.  


What is a vocation?  Let's look at how some are called to serve God.


What does it mean to pray and how do we do it.

Catholic Resources

Let us be your guide to find Catholic resources on the Internet routed in Jesus.

Science & Faith

Some see science and faith as being in opposition to each other.  That is not our Catholic understanding.  

What's New

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Living the Catholic Faith

We become members of faith in baptism.  How we make our faith something for our whole lives and not just an hour on Sunday

Catholic Social Teaching

Some people see the social teaching of the church but it is rooted in Jesus' words in Matthew 25:31-46

"A clean heart create for him, God; renew in me a steadfast spirit." Psalm 51:12.

The Heart of Evangelization

As disciples we are called to be people who live and share our faith.

The Liturgy & Sacraments

Learn about what we do in Mass and the Sacraments and why  we do it

Our Blog

Fr. Jeff posts his Sunday homilies on his blog and

periodically writes other articles when led by the Holy Spirit

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

The Bible 

Learn about our Catholic Understanding of the Bible.

Welcome to Renewal of  This is not a site designed to convert you.  I started this web page to share my faith journey with others.  I believe this is important to help others find their own faith.  My own journey is not the "typical story" of the past but it is beginning a more common story today.  I was baptized into the Catholic Church as an infant, received First Communion, Penance, and Confirmation.  After Confirmation, I did not attend Church for sixteen years.  There was NEVER a time where I did not believe in God.  Read more.